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Operations Manager


Since Bellroy launched with a range of five wallets 10 years ago, we’ve shipped carry goods to 172 countries from warehouses on 4 continents, sold out of 1100 doorways and now release about 30 new products a year (give or take). Our website is translated into 9 languages, we sell to customers in 13 local currencies and we are constantly looking for new opportunities outside of our existing markets. We’re growing, and focused on remodelling, adapting and optimising our global supply chain and distribution network to leverage emerging growth trends in a post-2020 eCommerce landscape. You, as our Operations Manager, will be vital to helping us during this time of rapid development.

In this role you’ll be accountable for the day-to-day operations of the Logistics, Demand Planning and Digital Content functions. Our Logistics function oversees our 3PL warehouses in five countries, manages relationships with our freight forwarders and ensures our transactions are represented accurately and in a timely manner in our ERP system. Our Demand Planning function oversees the demand and supply plans for ~1,000 SKUs in 20 inventory locations across 4 sales channels; while our Digital Content function ensures that our digital content and product listings are deployed and maintained on our website and 15 digital marketplaces around the world. You will further the development and refinement of processes, KPIs and systems within the Operations department and across the business.

You will be responsible for leading a team of 9 (4 full-time employees and 5 remote assistants) in maturing processes and will take a hands-on approach in implementing change-management initiatives. You’ll have access to a wide network of Bellrovians including in-house Data and Tech teams to provide you with the resources to make (the right) changes. We have a world-class team across product design, creative, data and engineering. By working closely together we’re able to innovate in ways that we’re not seeing in the market.

We have a culture of intellectual honesty and a genuinely friendly and supportive work culture. And you will be challenged to explain decisions you make and “this is the way I’ve always done it” will not cut it. If you see this as the best way to develop your knowledge and learn from other perspectives, and look forward to working somewhere where the quality of the idea matters and the seniority of the person who had the idea doesn’t, you’ll fit right in!


  • Worked with our Business Transformation Manager to develop a business case to remodel our distribution network by adding an inventory hub in Singapore
  • Reviewed an audit of our manual ERP processes and developed a schedule of work for workflow automation and improvements
  • Presented a first-pass review of customer-freight charges on bellroy.com to stakeholders, complete with recommendations
  • Determined the systems updates required to meet new customs requirements post-Brexit
  • Worked with our Digital Content coordinator to reduce the time spent on the manual maintenance of our Amazon data
  • Negotiated a rates-reduction on key lanes with our FedEx account manager
  • Met with our Demand Planner to review our Inventory Health metrics


We know we’re asking for a specific set of skills, some of which you may not have had the chance to (but want to) learn yet. If you don't meet every point below but think you have what it takes, we’d love to hear from you.

  • 7+ years of management experience in a Supply Chain or related role
  • Technical competency with ERP, WMS, BI (you're comfortable with data and know how to analyse it)
  • Understanding of global, cross-border logistics processes; Trade agreements, customs procedures, duties & taxes
  • First principles thinking; you understand that just because things have been done in a certain way doesn’t mean they should be (and also, other people’s best practices are a great place to get good ideas)
  • An understanding of Demand/Supply planning principles (e.g. you understand what safety stock is for, and when you need more or less of it)
  • Strong business and financial acumen with experience in negotiating with third party vendors
  • Experience developing performance metrics, processes and workflows
  • Willingness to engage in a challenging, intellectually honest environment and contribute to it with respect humility, and a desire to both grow and help your colleagues to grow
  • Impressive communication skills, both verbal and written; you know how to negotiate with confidence and deliver honest feedback


This role is full-time and based in our Fitzroy office.

Giorno d'inizio: We're ready when you are!

Operations Manager


Creare modi migliori per portare con sé gli oggetti.
Usare il business a scopo di bene.
Aiutare il mondo e il nostro team a progredire.

I nostri spazi

Bellroy è una fusione delle nostre due case - Bells Beach e Fitzroy. Bells Beach contribuisce con la sua atmosfera rilassata della vita all'aperto, per bilanciare lo stile urbano e creativo di Fitzroy. La città e il mare; ispirazione e avventura. Insieme creano un equilibrio perfetto.

Bells Beach

La nostra sede principale sulla spiaggia si trova dietro gigantesche scogliere di arenaria, che si affacciano su una delle coste australiane più famose per il surf. È qui che i nostri Product Designer fanno le prove nel Maker Lab e il nostro team di vendita consuma quantità impressionanti di caffè e traffico internet su Skype. Qui siamo più tranquilli rispetto ai nostri vicini a Fitzroy e ci piace la concentrazione che si viene a creare. Se hai bisogno di un boccone c'è un bar proprio qui accanto e alle 11:00 controlliamo sempre se ci sono le condizioni per fare surf, l'occasione perfetta per rinfrescare la mente con un po' di aria salina.


I nostri locali di Fitzroy sono immersi nel cuore del centro creativo di Melbourne. È qui che i nostri team di creazione, di marketing, di ingegneria e di gestione operativa sviluppano campagne e si assicurano che ogni Bellroy venga spedito in modo sicuro in tutto il mondo. Appena fuori dalla porta troverai strade che scoppiano di energia (e il miglior negozio di ramen fuori da Tokyo). C'è anche una piscina olimpionica proprio dietro l'angolo, per chi ha bisogno di rinfrescarsi a mezzogiorno.

Da remoto

Al di fuori delle due nostre sedi principali, abbiamo una squadra che lavora a distanza - dall'Australia occidentale a parti dell'Asia, degli USA e dell'Europa. Essere globale è un caposaldo in Bellroy, ci tiene connessi e ci permette di vedere la vita da molte prospettive diverse. Se sei dotato di una connessione a Internet e della flessibilità di diventare parte di un team che non vedi tutti i giorni, potresti valutare di unirti alla nostra rete globale costantemente in crescita.

Our team image

Il nostro Team

Ci vuole un equipaggio diversificato per far funzionare Bellroy. Siamo un gruppo di pensatori e realizzatori, provenienti da oltre 25 paesi diversi (numero in aumento). Ognuno ha un insieme unico di competenze, che si fondono per raggiungere una visione chiara - creare modi migliori per portare con sé gli oggetti; usare il business a scopo di bene; aiutare il mondo e il nostro team a progredire.

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